Public Testnet

Is there a Public Testnet?

Yes, Indigo is deployed on Cardano's Preview Network. You can explore all functionalities of the protocol by following this link: Indigo Preview Testnet.

Which wallet can I use?

Currently, only Nami and Eternl wallets are supported on the Preview Network.

How can I connect to the Preview Network?

Using Nami wallet, follow the steps below.

  • Click on your wallet icon, then select "Settings".

  • Then, select "Network".

  • In the drop-down list, select "Preview".

  • You're done! To confirm, you should now see the word "Preview" in the bottom left corner.

Why do I get "transaction failed" error?

If you are using Nami, it is very likely that you have not set a collateral amount; for more info, see this article.

You can also follow these steps to fix the issue.

  • Click on your wallet icon, then select "Collateral".

  • Then, enter your wallet password and press "Submit".

  • That's it! To confirm, you should see a pop-up stating that collateral was added to your wallet.

How can I get tADA, and tINDY?

For tADA, you may go the Cardano testnet faucet, select the Preview Network and provide your wallet address (make sure it is a Preview Network address); to receive 10,000 tADA per day.

For tINDY, you may go to the Sundaeswap DEX, and swap your tADA for tINDY (Policy ID: fa3eff2047fdf9293c5feef4dc85ce58097ea1c6da4845a351535183).

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