🌟Indigo Protocol Brief Overview

Why Cardano?

Given that the Indigo Protocol has been built to manage billions of dollars worth of assets, a well researched, secure, decentralized and scalable blockchain is necessary. Cardano is the most suitable blockchain that meets the requirements to fulfill Indigo’s mission.

Brief Overview 🌟

Welcome to Indigo Protocol, a decentralized synthetic assets protocol on the Cardano blockchain. Indigo facilitates secure and efficient trading through iAssets, enabling straightforward transactions and strategic trading.

Users can mint and trade synthetic assets like iUSD, a stablecoin, and other assets such as iBTC and iETH, which mirror the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. These iAssets provide diverse trading and investment opportunities within the Cardano ecosystem.

Collateralized Debt Positions (CDPs) and Liquid Staking allow users to collateralize assets while continuing to earn ADA rewards from the Cardano network, ensuring users can maximize their yield across the protocol.

Stability Pools play a vital role in maintaining the protocol’s liquidity and stability by managing debt from liquidated CDPs and ensuring the solvency of iAssets.

Through INDY Staking, INDY holders and DAO members can engage in protocol governance, influencing its direction while earning multi-yield rewards, and aligning governance with tangible benefits for its participants.

Indigo Protocol is designed to cater to traders, liquidity providers, and governance enthusiasts, offering a range of opportunities in the decentralized finance space on Cardano.

Please join the Indigo community Discord server to learn and be part of the community.

How do I interact with Indigo?

To interact with the Indigo Protocol, you simply need to:

  1. Select the iAsset you wish to mint.

  2. Deposit an amount of ADA as collateral

  3. Choose a collateral ratio (this will impact the amount of iAssets you are able to mint).

The protocol will then open a CDP and mint the required amount of iAssets and distribute it to your wallet directly. You are then free to use the iAssets as you see fit.

To participate in the governance of Indigo and have a say in its evolution, head on over to our Governance Forum!

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